About Robert

Drawing from a youth filled with amazing good fortune, in 1991 Robert began his quest to find out if Good Fortune in life is an innate quality reserved only for  a lucky few, or if this phenomenon can be tapped into and harnessed. Robert immersed himself in the study of Metaphysics, Mysticism, Meditation and Quantum Mechanics. And discovered that luck and good fortune in life is the result of an alchemical mixture of  science, spirituality and psychology, when you understand how they work and blend together– magic can happen!

After 17 years of exhaustive research in 2009 he made a fascinating discovery during a full moon healing meditation which led to the inception of The Magic Cup. That day was a symbolic moment in time that defined the essence of his purpose. Robert has embarked on a crusade to transform coffee time into a mystical experience through the healing and magical powers of The Magic Cup.