Struck By Luck

Have you ever wondered why some people who are no more talented nor intelligent then others enjoy greater levels of success? What’s their secret? Whether they know it or not, these people have aligned their energies to work within the perimeters of certain laws which enable them to experience more luck in life and ” Luck is a Big Part of Success.”  Discover the 7 laws of good fortune and change your luck today!

The Law of Randomness

The next time your in a meeting or at a party give a quarter to twenty people and ask them to stand and imagine that they are  all entrepreneurs starting their own business. Then ask them to flip the coins, those that get tails,  ask them to sit down and those that get heads,  ask them to remain standing and flipping. Normally between six and eight flips only one person will remain standing, then ask that person how they were able to get seven heads in a row when no one else could? What’s their secret? That person will respond by saying ” I guess I was lucky.”

That’s right! The reason why they got lucky is because every time they flipped the quarter it was a fifty-fifty chance of being a head or a tail regardless of prior flips. You see the quarter is not a sentient being, it has no conscious awareness. Therefore it cannot affect the outcome of the toss, the outcome of the toss is determined by the law of randomness. Thus, out of the law of randomness emerged the phenomenon luck.

The reason why random luck rules our success is because organizations are part of complex systems, and anytime we create complex systems where one component is coupled with another and so on, these systems will display non linear behavior  which will manifest as accidents which  cannot be predicted nor avoided. For example, car accidents, stock market crash 2008, airline ticketing security breach 911 , and so on.

Thus the law of randomness extended to you means this: that because your company and your career is part of a complex system called an economy, that means that this system will always display non linear behavior creating ceaseless opportunities and misfortune. An opportunity that was not present today can be there tomorrow, as in many cases like the purchase of Starbucks by Howard Schultz after his offer was rejected years earlier. And the opportunity to return  to Apple for Steve Jobs. The law of randomness is constantly making new opportunities available to notice and capture.

Therefore the first thing you need to do to experience more luck is to start  seeing life thru the eye of understanding and not your physical senses. You need to look beyond the illusion of what the world is showing you and what the media is saying, and understand that because the law of randomness is a constant force in the universe and in our economy- and is both a creative and destructive force at the same time. That means everyday and every hour disruptions are taking place, and out of these disruptions  endless new doors of opportunities suddenly open up for you to be in the right place at the right time and  be Struck by Luck.