The Magic Cup



The Discovery

After 17 years of research in the fields of Metaphysics and Mysticism one night during a full moon meditation Robert discovered a missing  element forgotten over time and cracked the magic code. The secret element once only known to great Mystics and Shamans– and overlooked by all modern day researchers — could now be harnessed.

In a flash everything feel into place and The Magic Cup was suddenly conceived.This secret element was then channeled into the function of The Magic Cup and infused into it’s design to capture the magic.

.The Magic Cup is based on sound science from several different fields. The physical cup is infused with 7 elements, and the  companion Sacred Code CD contains 7 elements. The two work together as one magical ritual to bring good fortune into your life.

How The Magic Cup Works

Simply pour your coffee into The Magic Cup and listen to the Sacred Code CD. The ritual takes 22 minutes and is designed to be easily memorized. When you  start to practice the ritual on your own, over time your subconscious mind will automatically condense this time  down to just a few minutes. Then everyday when you drink your coffee just go thru the ritual.

How Will You Know It’s Working

The transformational properties of The Magic Cup will begin to affect your attitude and behavior in subtle and mysterious ways. You may start to experience more synchronicity, serendipity and meaningful coincidence. New ideas will begin to flash in your mind and resonate throughout your body. Things will begin to speak to you metaphorically and gently tug at your heart and you will begin connecting the dots like never before.Results will vary, some will get immediate results others may take longer. Ultimately, amazing things will happen.

The Magic Cup as a Carrier Wave of Consciousness

A Carrier Wave is a term used in physics that describes how the state of mind, body and spirit of the creator rides on the coat tails of his creative work. It is a unique energetic imprint that becomes an inherent property of his work. To put it another way, it’s not just a cup with a code, it’s the energy (magical frequency) that resonates thru it. Because of this science the mystical property of The Magic Cup is real.


Sacred Code CD image
Beautiful 12 oz. Ceramic Cup 22 min. interactive CD
included with The Magic Cup